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Certified Tarot Reading Course

I designed this course based on what i perceived where the most common issues that people faced when trying to become proficient in tarot.

This is a course that will have me personally train you and push you out of your comfort zone which is why it is useful no matter the lever you are at.

You wont find this course in a book, its not designed to give you answers, but to teach you how to obtain them on your own, specially targeted so that you dont need to memorize the cards meanings ever again, since youll read them straight from the images.

The course consists in going card by card on the Rider Waite Tarot, and learning the method to become proficient in learning the language of images and symbols. We compare this to others decks, trot oracle and more so that you leave the course confident that you'll be fluent in reading any deck, or image that is in front of you for that matter. 

We go over spreads, and practice live reading, where i help you connect and UNDERSTAND your intuition and personal way of reading and receiving information.

The course is designed to be 16hrs divided into 1hr a day sessions, but it gives you much more, since it'll connect you to other fellow readers who got the course, and the connection we make will be available for support whenever you need it. 

I believe that there needs to be more people who connect with spirit out there and learn how to use these amazing tools to facilitate healing and enlightenment for themselves and others; with this vision in mind 
when i teach i truly dedicate myself to ensure that my students grow and become the best version of themselves, and strive for their success.

I always feel blessed to be trusted in this part of their journey.

Personalized coaching

16hrs of course!


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