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HELP! I CANT Meditate! I feel nothing!

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

You’re lying in your bed, trying to relax to the sound of some new age, soothing music, and at most you’re lulling yourself to sleep, and if it s a particularly stressful day, you’re mind can’t stay focused on nothing, and keeps dragging you back to trying to figure out if you locked the back door and won't stop until you just have to get up adn check, or you will end up more stressed than you started.

Dont worry its not that you aren’t made for this; yes its true that focused meditation and trying to get a grip of the crazy monkey known as the mind takes, effort practice and can be exasperating. We’ve all been there, and there’s no way around it, keep practicing BUT;

Its not the only way to meditate!

Those are good news, specially for those people that start saying thinking they aren’t gifted, and they never get messages from spirit.

Why? Because a lot fo times, random and sponatenous messages that arrive unasked for, are not very clear in their meaning, and leave you more confused than illuminated to begin with, besides they are not as common as people want you to believe.

There is an alternative that I recommend. It might go by different names in different cultures, but I like to call it "traveling to spirit" and getting there is way easier than the well known yogui meditation where you have to let go of your mind by simply existing. Incredible hard thing to do (even though well worth it).

Dont get me wrong, definitely practice the above mediation, but this new tip might be very useful for when you feel lost and need a little guidance from spirit above.

So what to do?

First, find a purpose to meditate, lets say you want guidance from your guides, you want to contact and is in spirit world, so then our purpose is just that: asking for guidance from your spiritual team.

Next I like to start this meditation by getting in your favorite meditation position, in my case its lying down, but some people struggle not falling asleep and prefer sitting in a chair or on the floor. Its up to you, just be comfortable.

Relax every part of the body and let go of the tension; once in a relaxed state, instead of letting your mind be still, direct it. Imagine yourself somewhere that will help you relax, a beach a forest, anywhere, I had once a guy picture an empty bull riding arena.

The important thing is once you are there, you need to start looking at the details of things around you. Are you seeing plants? Why color are they? What shape is the leaves? What color is the sky? Are there clouds? Day or night? After detailing your visual surroundings, ask yourself what do you smell? What’s the temperature? Is there wind on your skin? What are you smelling? What are you standing on? What are you wearing?

Walk around, and explore your surroundings.

This is called grounding your spirit in your new reality. By this time you are totally present where you are at.

Finally find a spot where you feel safe (important), comfortable and call for your spirit guide. Allow the meditation to take you where you need to go. Be open to loose control, and allow things to flow as long as you’re comfortable. Remember to ask questions, so that the message is clear.

Once its time to go, retrace your steps, and start a countdown going back to your own senses in your physical body. When you are finally awake, write down what you’ve experienced, because a lot of times, the messages will fade. The longer you delay writing them down the more blurry or confusing your experience will be. This is a common experience.

Let me know, if you’ve done this before, or how your experience went if you tried it!

Safe travels!

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